Ugg Boots – Look hot this winter

You’ve found the world’s most comfortable ugg boots. Its what our Ugg Boots are made from that results in unrivalled comfort and durability. Adorned by style icons Miley Cyrus, Eva Longoria and Vanessa Hudgens. Receiving an overwhelmingly hot reception at ‘Australia Fashion Exposed’ in Melbourne and lovingly warn by thousands of new ugg boot fans in London, Sydney, New York and California. Nothing offers the comfort, quality and luxury of authentic sheepskin, hand stitched ugg boots.

Ugg Boot Luxury Secrets

While nearly all ugg boots appear the same, there is a vast difference between those that will feel like heaven around your toes and the smelly sweaty variety. The remarkable properties of sheepskin fibres are responsible for the legendary comfort of sheepskin ugg boots. What is the secret then? Among sheepskin there is a vast difference in comfort levels. Merino sheepskin, although rarely used by ugg boot manufacturers, possesses a much finer grading of fibres. Among other benefits, finer fibres result in far superior comfort and feel. Thicker fibres are scratchy, not as great at insulating body temperature and not as strong. This is why there is no greater indulgence for your toes than our lush merino sheepskin ugg boots.

Strong and Springy Ugg Boots

The thick fleecy inner of our merino sheepskin ugg boots are constructed from millions of microscopic fibres which posses extremely remarkable qualities. Among these marvels is strength and elasticity. Ounce for ounce, wool is stronger than steel and can withstand being bent over 30,000 times. In addition to strength, merino sheepskin possesses the ability to wick moisture and odour away. This is why our ugg boots remain plush and luxurious for a very long time.

Natures Air Conditioner

Merino sheepskin captures more air in its fibres than traditional sheepskin, this airiness creates the natural thermostatic qualities that keep your feet warm during very chilly days (down to -30) and cool during warmer days by circulating air. No other ugg boot offers the temperature control of authentic Whooga ugg boots.